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Tactical Firefighting Thermal Imaging I Certification (Presented by Insight Fire Training):



Presented By Insight Fire Training

Infrared Training Course custom built for firefighters, company officers, and chief officers to understand, interpret, and incorporate thermal data into their fire ground decision making process. This four-day infrared training course discusses the importance of understanding thermal severity, the five key attributes of thermal imaging, contraindications,and specific fire ground applications. Participants will expand their thermal imaging, fire behavior, and building construction knowledge to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the fire ground from the infrared perspective. This course is based on empirical data, research, line of duty deaths, and an internationally recognized curriculum that is being implemented in departments across the globe. Participants are encouraged to bring their model/brand of Thermal Imaging Camera to the training.

Infrared Training Course Benefits
After completing this course, participants will be able to:
Explain the value and importance of thermal data to firefighters.
Explain the difference between the two main fire service thermal imaging cameras in use today and their proper application.
Explain the five key attributes of thermal imaging.
Properly interpret a thermal image based on a given environment.
Understand the limitations, contraindications, and how to overcome them in regard to thermal imaging use in the fire service.
Describe the Enhanced Size-up procedure for fire ground decision making by incorporating thermal data.
Properly demonstrate the Go/No-Go Decision-Making Matrix for mitigating each thermal environment encountered.
Explain and demonstrate the value of a guided stream through the Enhanced Stream Placement concept.
Properly explain and demonstrate enhanced search methodology concepts where thermal data is incorporated.


Course Hours (4-days, 32 Hours)

Day 1: 8am-5pm

Day 2: 8am-5pm

Day 3: 8am-5pm

Day 4: 8am-5pm





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