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sUAS Level I Public Safety

The ITC sUAS Level 1 Public Safety Thermography Certification training course is geared to the Public Safety Segment to include Law Enforcement, Fire, Search and Rescue and Emergency Management. This 4-day course is designed with the sUAS Public Safety Pilot and Thermographer in mind, the course content includes but is not limited to: Introduction to Thermography, Thermal Science, Infrared Science, Heat Transfer, Camera Specifications and Lens options for different public safety applications.  The 2 day Flight Instruction is designed specifically to the Public Safety Segment and is instructed by experienced sUAS Law Enforcement Flight Instructors.   It is recommended that attendees have a FAA 107 Certification or similar credentials. 

Applications including but not limited to specific use cases, locating individuals, locating specific strategic targets, locating individuals trapped in structures under fire, asset protection and Emergency Management. 

FLIR and the Infrared Training Center are the leaders in Thermography and Infrared Cameras, learn from the leaders in the industry how infrared cameras function, the science behind the camera, as well as how to get the best image from your camera for your mission.    This course will show you the powerful application of Thermography from the air and the limitless applications that surround this exciting new platform. Attendees who complete all training course requirements and a flight thermography field assignment will receive a sUAS Level 1 Public Safety Thermography Certification that is recognized by professionals throughout the world.

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