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ITC Category 2 Thermography Course

Introduction to Thermography: Review of Level 1 Thermography Temperature: Conversion factors between Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit.

Heat Transfer Theory: Convection, conduction and radiation – Radiation Laws.

Thermography: Blackbodies, emissivity.Planks, Boltzman, Newton, Wein’s laws Optical filters, optical materials, anti-reflective coatings.

Atmospheric transmission and attenuation.

Detector technologies and calibration.

Measurement techniques.

IR Measurement Systems Overview: Details of different thermal imaging camera parameters including, NETD, IFOV, MFOV

IR Windows and window materials: Window measurement formulae, spectral transmittance of different materials

Transient Thermographic NDT: Transient Thermographic methods analyzed.

ITC Certification Test: ITC qualification test to be held on last day of course.

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