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Nov 15 - 17,2022

Optical Gas Imaging Certification Training

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Optical Gas Imaging Certification Training $2200

During the three days of this certification course, you'll learn how to setup and operate FLIR OGI cameras, what gases can be found with the technology, and discover how different environmental conditions can affect the ease or difficulty of gas leak detection. Training includes classroom instruction and lab time covering basic inspection procedures, permitting requirements, safety practices, and more.


Skilled users of the FLIR GF-Series and legacy GasFindIR cameras can inspect over 3,000 connections per day in many applications while current sniffer technology is limited to about 500 connections in the same period. This provides their organizations the most efficient LDAR inspection technology to meet many required emission reduction actions, including regulatory oversight like the U.S. EPA OOOOa for the Oil and Gas Industry.


Students in this course will learn how to set up and operate FLIR optical gas imaging cameras effectively to ensure maximum proficiency. They will learn how to optimally adjust their cameras for varying field conditions to find gas leaks and under what environmental parameters gas leaks are most easily found, somewhat easy to find, and difficult to find.  With this, students will know how to ensure their OGI camera and inspections are able to meet a wide variety of operating envelope challenges ensuring they can meet any required work practices or verification checks of the technology.


This class will teach students which gases can be found with the various FLIR optical gas imaging cameras, leak size limitations of the models for specific compounds, and how to ensure compliance with any corporate or external requirements. Some basic infrared theory and heat transfer concepts will be introduced to build a strong foundation on Infrared knowledge to ensure maximum user efficacy, including the impact of Delta T on OGI cameras.


Lab and/or field practice in finding leaks is a key part of this class. Students will learn by using the camera and by observing numerous videos of leaks learning what to look for including thermal contrast, gas plume motion, distance limitations, etc. ensuring they understand what components would be inspected in a given survey, expected dwell time and the types of leaks to be expected.  In addition, students will learn tips, best practices and how to avoid common mistakes when using an OGI camera.  Basic inspection procedures will be covered including equipment checkout, route planning, permitting requirements, safety practices/equipment, reporting concepts and recordkeeping requirements.

Course Objectives

  • Fully understand all key fundamental concepts of the OGI technology
  • Explain the regulatory framework associated with optical gas imaging
  • Understand how to perform a technology verification check
  • Describe the OGI certification and calibration process or requirements
  • Demonstrate proper operation of a FLIR GF-Series or GasFindIR OGI camera
  • Explain the basics of thermal science
  • Understand parameters that can affect detection with an OGI camera
  • List the basic safety practices for doing an OGI inspection


• IR Camera- Students will be required to complete various labs & exercises throughout the duration of the course.
• Laptop- Certification Examinations will be administered electronically. Tablets are also acceptable. 
 IR Reporting Software- Please have software installed prior to class. Software can be used to assist with many of the camera lab exercises
• Accessories-Extra Batteries, charger cords, etc.

Please bring an IR camera to class if you have one. Cameras are not provided during the training course. If you do not have access to a camera you can rent one through FLIR by calling 866-477-3687 ext. 1. If you are attending the course with a colleague or friend, you may share a camera however we recommend no more than three students per IR camera.



A registration fee of $2200 USD includes course instruction, materials, and certification.

Please note that prices may vary for courses conducted outside the continental U.S.; please confirm your price with your local ITC course agent.



No previous thermography experience or IR camera is required.

Students who complete all training course requirements receive an Optical Gas Imaging Thermography Certification.

ITC Infrared Certification Courses are developed in accordance with CP-105 and SNT-TC-1A guidelines published by ASNT (American Society of Nondestructive Testing).  ASNT is a globally recognized developer of qualification and certification standards for NDT personnel.


Camera Training

Our instructor led training classes cover basic camera operation. We highly recommend viewing one of our free on demand courses ( for your specific FLIR camera before coming to class.

Please note that on demand courses may not be available for some camera models. If a course is not offered for your camera type, please refer to your user's manual.  All manuals and datasheets for FLIR cameras can be found at  For other vendors please visit the vendor’s website.




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Optical Gas Imaging Certification Training

Nov 15 - 17,2022
25 spots available