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OGI - OOOOa Fugitive Emissions Monitoring Plan Training.

With the June 3rd Federal Register publication of the Environmental Protection Agency’s new methane standard comes a host of new concerns for the Oil and Gas industry: specifically, how to comply with Subpart OOOOa. This new standard, also known as Quad Oa, adds a Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) component to upstream and midstream operations that is tied to certain new, modified, and reconstructed equipment. Specifically, the rule references Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) technology as the BSER, or Best System of Emission Reduction on specific sources and applies inspection standards to well sites and compressor stations across the United States. To support operators and service providers to the industry, FLIR is now offering an EPA OOOOa – OGI Monitoring Plan Support course, which will focus on elements required to creating a successful OGI inspection process. This will include interpretations of the standard along with suggestions on inspection parameters that facilities must incorporate into their OOOOa monitoring plans; such as maximum viewing distance, maximum wind speed, and adequate thermal background (Delta T). The course will be a one-day addition to the existing ITC Optical Gas Imaging course. It is recommended to have attended the standard OGI prior to attending the OOOOa course. Learn more

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Course Name: OGI - OOOOa Fugitive Emissions Monitoring Plan TrainingAvailable Seats : 25

Start Date: 09/01/2017

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